This is what

my kitchen looked like yesterday morning:

Our microwave decided to quit working last week. After a phone call to a Sears repair service representative we learned it would be a mere $300 to fix the microwave which was 4 1/2 years old. Sorry, but we will say good bye to our old microwave and hello to a new one.
There was just one problem, our appliances are bisque. You can't walk into a store and find a bisque microwave so we had to wait one week. I learned quickly in that week that we use our microwave more often than I thought and I am grateful for the convenience of the ol' microwave.

While we are talking kitchens, I tried this recipe last night. YUMMY! I do not, I repeat do NOT like any type of fish or seafood {okay, i take it back i like deep fat fried walleye but when it is battered and fried it doesn't taste like fish}. This was so good. I am definitely a fan.

Off topic before I sign off, my thoughts on the look alikes post.... i think the girls resemble each other but their personalities are SO different i can't think of mauryn being a mini morgan.


Melodie Monberg said...

oh no...our microwave blew up a few months ago but it was black...the true test was installing it as we are both a bit building challenged!


Alana said...

When Rich was in Grad school and we lived in England, we did not have a microwave. I started reheating things on the stove and in the oven. In fact, I still do some things that way (ie pizza)because they taste so much better being reheated that way!