Girly Girl

I was not a girly girl.

I didn't play with dress up, with barbies, or baby dolls. I didn't wear dresses and skirts often, mostly just to church or on special occasions.

Morgan is not a girly girl. She is more comfortable in jeans or sweats {actually she is most comfortable in a leotard} than a dress or skirt. She didn't play with dolls when she was younger. She took more interest in coloring, reading, and playing games. The extent of her being a girly girl is that she likes to have her fingernails painted and wear lip gloss.

When Mauryn came along I expected that she would be similar to her sister in her "girliness" {is that a real word??}

Boy was I wrong! This little spit fire is a girly girl.

She loves to play dress up,
wear my shoes {or her sisters},
does her own hair,
feeds her babies,
mothers her babies {and i have to be the grandma},
wears tap shoes while she dances and sings around the house,
{and loves them so much they even end up in bed with her},
wears dresses everyday, and carries a purse everywhere that contains sunglasses, lip gloss, and sometimes even her body glitter.

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Kym said...

I especially love how Mauryn has to take lip gloss "breaks" on Sunday mornings to refresh her lip gloss :) She is a doll and I enjoy her so much!

Lynn said...

Precious, precious girl!!! I love how they each have their own little personalities.

Denise said...

sweet mauryn.

reminds me of josie, with her big personality.