Forever Friends

Giggles. Squeals. Whispers. Silliness. Laughter. 

The sounds I hear as Morgan talks to her oldest friend from Minnesota.  A friend who she had spent time with every day since birth.  We were neighbors, went to the same church, and the girls went to the same daycare when I was working.  Even though the girls' personalities and interests were varied, they balanced and complimented each other. 

I envisioned the girls being friends through their teenage years and into adulthood. The type of friendship I have always envied of others. A friend who knows you almost better than you know yourself.  Someone who has been with you from childhood on supporting you, encouraging you, sharing in the joys and the heartaches. I could see this friendship growing and maintaing the test of time.  Until we moved 1500 miles away. How would these little girls (age 5 at the time) maintain a friendship from so far away?  

I know that at the time of our move, neither of these little girls had an understanding of how their lives and friendship would change.  I have been amazed at how their connection has stayed strong over these last three years.  They may see each other once a year but it is just like old times. There isn't uncomfortable silence or shyness, they just pick up their friendship from where it left off.  They do write letters, email, and talk on the phone.  I can tell from their phone conversations that they still want to know all the important things (to 8 year old girls) about each other. Things like their favorite colors, sports, foods, music, books, movies, and the names of their new friends.  Morgan keeps a list of all the answers her friend gives during their phone conversation. I think it helps to feel close to her friend who lives so far away.

I know the girls are only 8  years old (soon to be 9), and their is still many years of life ahead of them.  Their friendship may go down a different path as they get older.   I pray that their friendship continues to grow and strengthen across the years and the miles.  I want Morgan to have that friend in her life who loves her for who she is and is there to support, encourage, and hold her up.  I want her to have that friend who she has known since childhood. To have the friendship that can stand the test of time.


Amy said...

"Mom...Kristen blogged about me and my best friend Morgan!" that is what my Emily comes running to tell me. What a beautiful blog-Kristen! I also pray the girls friendship continues to blossom through the years! It is so fun to hear the excitment in Emily's voice when Morgan calls. I remember when our family heard you were moving to Idaho. My heart ached for Emily and Morgan knowing their friendship would change. My heart now sings knowing their true friendship still thrives being many miles apart!!

Hi Morgan...Thanks for the phone call...I miss you...Your Best Friend...Emily :)

Denise said...

so sweet. maybe i can hook morgan and emily up with noah and nicholas?
(when they're 25 of course).

have you heard of the "Betsy & Tacy"
books? sweet books about girls that meet in kindergarten and are friends through adulthood.
the first book is "betsy & tacy" the last book in the series is "betsy's wedding"
maybe that would be something morgan and emily could grow up reading together, though miles apart.

Rachel Slagle said...

so wonderful to have such a great friendship even so far away. true great friends are hard to find - i'm envious, too :)

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

So sweet! I always longed for that kind of friendship growing up as well. I still do sometimes :)

Lynn said...

What a beautiful story of friendship. I hope they are able to continue to feel connected and supported by each other. I had a friend that I was not able to see often, but we went to camp together for a week each summer, and it was just like old times.

Alana said...

Those are the best kind of friendships! I have a few like that...even when we've been away, when we come back together it is like we were never apart. Love it!

Dave and Jenni said...

What a sweet post, Kristen. I wish that for my girls as well. May we all be blessed with those types of friends.

Cathi Hamen said...

I do have that... and I see it in my girls with a few friends and it always makes me smile! Having girls makes me reflect a lot on who i was and am as a friend sooo much.. i worry i wont set the right example when they hear me gossip, yes we all do it :) i try to teach the girls its about quality not quantity of friends!! why in high school is everyone so focused on being popular???

Cami has a birth friend who moved to texas and i miss that friendship soo much for her... but it is harder for us to get in touch with them.. their mom was a good friend from college but doesn't do the keep up as well. it makes me sad but i do know she cares.. i should make more of an effort though! u inspired me!