Catching Up

Our busy not relaxing summer has turned into right into an even busier fall season. I was getting ready for a schedule and routine but didn't realize how full our days would be with school, errands, keeping up on the house, etc.. So my friends, hence my lack of blogging and commenting. I am hoping as we get more into the school groove there will be more time (sigh). Here is a bit about what is happening in the Cheney household:

- We have all be fighting colds over the last week. I think everyone is on the tail end of having a stuffy nose. Thankfully, everyone slept well and felt okay. I am just ready to not be finding dirty tissues laying around the house. UGH!

- Over the weekend, Lance and I had two dates. On Friday we went with some friends to see Leeland perform and then out for a late dinner. It was so nice to actual have a conversation and be able to finish it without kids interrupting or food being tossed or a toddler scaling her high chair. It was so nice to reconnect with our friends. On Saturday night, we had the opportunity to go to the Boise State football game. It was so much fun! We had club level seats for the game. I can handle viewing the game from a comfy seat on a beautiful night.

view of the Boise foothills from our seats

- I am amazed at how just adding Landon into our school schedule has taken so much time. He has decided he wants to learn to read and he wants to learn NOW! I am thrilled he has decided he likes school and wants to participate in school activities. He is doing well with picking up sight words and learning his letter sounds. He still finds plenty of time to play, ride his bike, and just wear off that boy energy. My friend and I have started to have our boys play together one day a week so that they can get some of their energy out! They look forward to it and love to play together.

- Morgan finished learning about Great Feats over the last two weeks. We studied bridges, tunnels, dams, and canals. This week we started an eight week unit on Cooperation where we will be studying systems of the body. Our first week is learning about the skin. It should be an interesting unit.

- On top of homeschooling two kiddos, we have a mini tornado who lives in our house named Mauryn. She scales the tables, gets into crayons, glue sticks (she thinks they are chap stick) and pretty much destroys the house while we are having school. So my afternoons are spent trying to repair damage and replace things to some semblance of order. Oh how we love that little fireball. She definitely makes life interesting. Some day we will look back on these days laughing about how crazy life was, right?

- Mauryn has developed a really bad diaper rash (timing is appropriate since we are studying skin and skin problems) - any tips on good things to use? Thankfully, my kids have never really suffered from diaper rash.

- Besides not having time for blogging or reading blogs, I haven't had any time to read! Anna is still on my night stand and I am on the home stretch. I have about 100 pages left. I NEED to make the time to finish it. Then I am going to read some easier, quicker reads for a bit before I tackle another classic.

- Updates on my friends who found the lumps in their breasts: One is still waiting on her results after her MRI. The other one's results came back negative but she learned she is pregnant. They lost a daughter 4 1/2 years ago at the age of 4 days and have been trying to have another baby since then. This is a miracle baby and such a blessing to this family! Thank you to everyone who was praying for them.

- My house is calling me to clean - ugh! If we weren't having our small group at our house tonight I might avoid the call BUT since it would bother me to not have the house in order I better get to it. I will be trying to read and catch up on blogs this week!

I leave you with a video of Mauryn. This is how we find her most days in her crib - jumping and flopping around. When I finally turned the camera off, she cried. I guess she wasn't done performing.


Lynn said...

Sounds like great minds think alike...will we ever catch up?

Mauryn is ADORABLE! Adeline and her are two peas in a pod. Addie loves all things jumping! She has the same intonation with her "No!" and her "Uhhh ohhh!"

Denise said...

you sound like a minnesotan with a cold!

have you heard of starfall?
it is a web sight for kids and is great for helping them learn to read. i really enjoyed it for josie, as it kept her entertained as i schooled the bigger ones.

i need a date with my husband. let me know when your over your colds so i can drop my 3 off :-)

Krista said...

I am very frustrated because our computer monitor broke and we are using this 1980s model I remember using in 2nd grade. Anyway, I can watch Mauryn's adorable antics, BUT I CAN"T HEAR HER!!! She is getting so big!

Desitin with vitamins A & D. . . that's my diaper rash suggestion.

Dave and Jenni said...

I agree about the Desitin. It takes a few applications to completely get rid of the rash, but it works well for us. With Lily and Anna, they only ever seem to get diaper rash when they are teething, but the Desitin takes care of it.

Mauryn is precious! Such a spunky little girl!

nicole said...

1. we haven't had a problem with thumb sucking so i can't help you there.
2. good job on the jammies though.
3. diaper rash....we use the typical over the counter stuff but when that doesn't help our doctor would give us his special concoction of buttbalm. so you might want to call your doctor.
4. we are starting to fight colds here...it's always an ongoing battle
5. fin should come over and jump around with mauryn, he does the exact thing but with some summersaults in there too.

Shan said...

Mauryn is cracking me up - I could have watched that "one baby show" all day! Haha. I wonder how long she will actually stay in that crib! And Crisco on the butt!! It works!! Hot sauce on the thumb - a little cruel but it works! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! Ethan watched the video with me and he thought Mauryn was pretty funny. He screached right along with her. Does she climb out of the crib yet? We are gearing up to getting Ethan ready for a toddler bed by his birthday. They are growing too fast!

Alana said...

I'm worn out just reading that. Phew!

And Mauryn? I just wish I could squeeze her she is SO cute!

Brianna Heldt said...

Our youngest, Kaitlyn, suffers from horrible diaper rash (atopic dermatitus.) Sometimes we use prescription steroids, but day to day I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burt's Bees. I swear by it!