What She Said

Last week, I checked my face.book account and had an important (i know it was important because it was all in capitals) message from my bloggy friend Denise to check out her blog.  I popped on over and this is what I found.  

I did in fact get to meet Denise via skype last week. In fact, she videotaped part of our meeting. I did too but somehow my video was deleted. GRR!  Anyway, it was so much fun.  Thanks Denise for the invitation to skype with you.  Just like when I met Lynn on skype, it was like talking to an old friend even though we had never met in real life.  It is just part of the craziness of this blogging community that I enjoy so much.
check out Sarah's post here on the fellowship found through blogging, she describes it so well.


Family Jules said...

That was a fun thing you and Denise did. She is one crazy girl. It looks like the days of never seeing that "person" over the internet are gone. I love skype. We have an account, but our laptop is on the fritz so no video. Good to see you!

Shan said...

I loved watching two of my "peeps" from opposite sides of my world getting together through cyberspace :) YOu guys are so funny!

Dave and Jenni said...

How cool! I just had dinner with Jessica last night (What Can Brown Blog for You?) - it's so fun getting together with bloggy friends. :)