Italian Dinner

In September, our neighbor Joanie went on a two week tour of Italy with her daughters.  During their trip they spent four days at a cooking school, learning new cooking techniques and eating wonderful food.

Last Saturday evening, Joanie invited our family along with three other families over to have an Italian dining experience.

The great thing about Joanie is she is all about the kids. She invited all the kids over early to help set tables, prepare food, set out water cups, and practice their jobs for the dinner.  She also wanted the kids to try her Italian cuisine but knowing that it wasn't all kid friendly she also prepared a kid friendly dinner and dessert.  

The adults were treated to a five course Italian dinner.  The food was fantastic!  Thank you Joanie for treating us to such a special dinner. Thank you Pat and Lance for doing all the dishes for Joanie!

The Meal:
1. First course: peaches with honey, two different cheeses, and jam
2. Second course: Squash stuffed ravioli (so so yummy and I am not even a fan of squash)
3. Fifth course: Cooked cream with berries 

I was too excited about the third and fourth course to get photos! The third course was bread salad and the fourth course was roasted pork loin and roasted garlic potatoes.

The Workers:
4. Morgan: setting tables, serving, and clearing dishes
5. Joanie: our wonderful, gracious hostess
6. Landon: the butler "Welcome to Italy may I take your coat or purse"
7. Mauryn: just because she is so stinkin' cute!

(The picture missing is of me rolling across the street to get home because I ate way too much food)


Alana said...

That looks like so much fun! Tell Joanie we're available anytime ;-)

Lynn said...

Awesome! You sure know how to pick your friends. :o)

Dave and Jenni said...

Yum - all those foods sound wonderful! I love squash ravioli - I used to buy it fromt he store all the time but have had a hard time finding it. I may have to look for a recipe and see if I could manage it.