Ode To Decorah

The fall always makes me long for the place I called home for my four years of college.  The memories of football games, dinners at Mabe's (still my all time favorite pizza. if only they delivered to Idaho), walks on tree lined streets, and hikes at the parks.  

This quiet little town in northeast Iowa is a diamond in the rough in the fall. It is one of the most beautiful places when summer turns to fall. The rolling hills, the bluffs, the trees turning magnificent shades of red, orange, and yellow. Amazing.  

Most people have never heard of Decorah, Iowa or Luther College

Since we no longer have cable, I have been trying to find some new shows to record on TiVo to watch while I workout. (I am open to any suggestions for shows not on cable to record)

Earlier this week, I was watching an episode of Life on Mars.  One of the characters was talking about how hard it was to live in NY and she missed home. Where was home? DECORAH, IOWA.

When the character, Windy, said she was from Decorah Iowa. I about fell off my elliptical machine.  I wanted to make sure I heard her correctly so I replayed the scene about ten times. By now I was fairly certain she had said Decorah, Iowa but I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining it.

So I called to Lance in my loudest whisper yell, you know the one where you want to get his attention but not wake the children.  I didn't tell him anything about what was playing just that I wanted him to watch it. And I knew when a look of surprise came across his face, the Windy in fact had said Decorah Iowa.

So our fair Decorah, Iowa you are now famous. Although most people will probably have missed the fine city where Windy hailed from but to us it brought smiles and memories of a place we hold so dear to our hearts.


Dave and Jenni said...

How crazy is that. Yay for Decorah! :)

Lise said...

Thanks for confirming what we thought we heard, Kristen--perhaps one of the writers is from Decorah?! L. Hedstrom, Decorah

djaske said...

I'm from Decorah and I work at Luther College. I missed the show but my sister recorded it and played it back for us. It was so cool to hear that. We wish we knew the connection and we thought perhaps it was a writer.

Debbie A. - Decorah, Ia.

Rachel said...

Decorah will become even more famous when a new show called, "The Big Game" airs on MTV. I might even be on it!! Woot woot!

MCSojka said...

As someone who grew up in Decorah spending a lot of time tubing on RIVER in Decorah, I found it somewhat disappointing that Windy says "tubing on the LAKE".. Anyone who's ever been to Decorah knows there is definitely no lake there.. Oh well, at least someone noticed how awesome we are. I'm glad other people caught it too!!