One of our Favorites

She is one of our favorite people.

She is spunky, silly, kind, loving, compassionate, energetic, and so full of joy.

My kids all adore "Katie Wilson".  (I think the feeling is mutual) 

She is a wonderful role model for my daughter.  

When Morgan first met Katie, who was the worship leader at our church, she started writing songs to give to her.  Katie took each and every little song with a smile on her face and encouraging words.  

A few weeks ago, Katie got married.  It was definitely one of the most anticipated events of our fall calendar.  My kids had been counting down the days. Every time we would leave the house Landon would ask "Are we going to Katie Wilson's wedding?" 

I wish I would have taken a picture of Morgan and her girlfriends waiting for Katie to walk down the aisle. They sat clumped together at the end of the pew, practically on top of each other, hanging over the edge waiting for Katie. It was precious.

The wedding was gorgeous. Katie looked amazing.  It was a beautiful celebration.

In the hustle and bustle of the reception, with so many guests wanting to visit with the bride and groom, Katie took time to visit with Morgan (and her girlfriends) and take pictures with them.  So much like Katie to take time for these young girls. They were all just giddy with excitement that they got to have their picture taken with Katie.  A little act that meant so much to these girls.

Thank you Katie, for being such a wonderful role model for my daughter.  We miss you and love you!


Lynn said...

Awww...did Katie Wilson move away after getting married? Great picture.

Shan said...

Those role models are so important! My daughters have a couple ladies who influence them daily! I'm so thankful for them becuase apparently us Mom's don't know much :) Beautiful bride! XOXO

Wife2Jason said...

Ditto, Kristen. It was a beautiful wedding. Even my boys were crammed at the end of the seat to get a first glance at the bride! Thank you Katie for being so awesome to our kids!!!

katie wilson said...

wow. i am truly not worthy to have a blog written about me - for goodness sake! thank you so much Kristen. oh, and thanks for making me cry. :) i love your girl...those little ones mean so much to me. i was actually just thinking about the fact that i still need to do that dinner thing for young gals...remember we talked about that once?? gosh i miss you guys! Derek and i both do! you are an amazing person and i feel honored that you would write this. love you lady.

Dave and Jenni said...

That's precious that she would be such a role model for your daughter outside of family. What a blessing.