All In A Days Work

In the past week Landon has taken an interest in sounding out words, figuring out rhyming words and words that start with the same letter. He has become very interested in starting to write letters and words.  He is constantly asking how to spell things and writing them in his notebook or making things with letters on them for his friends.

Over the weekend, Lance took Landon with him on some farm calls.  As my boys were driving along, Landon was asking Lance how to write "work pants" and how to form the letters he didn't know how to write yet.  

When they returned from working this is what I found on Landon's pants:

self portrait

this is how you write work pants - twice since the first one wasn't good enough

So next time Landon is wanting to write, we need to be sure he is writing on PAPER!

I really tried hard not to laugh. Seriously, the boy was so proud of his work and coming from a kid who had zero, i mean z.e.r.o interest in any type of school just a few short months ago this is progress. I complemented him on his writing and sounding out letters but then gently reminded him that we don't write on our clothing. 

And then as any good blogger would do, I had to get some pictures to remember this moment.

My boy showing off his skills.

Thanks to Melaleuca prespot, there is no more ink on his jeans. YES!


nicole said...

congrats on getting out the ink and congrats on the little guy enjoying how to spell.
does the boy have work pants to wear next time?

Denise said...

that is too funny!

looks like writing the names of things on post-it's and labeling items will work best for landon??

better that you label them then him!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - Oh Kristen, that's hilarious. Good for Landon for his new-found interest. He is definitely all boy!

Janelle said...

I just had the same conversation with my 7 year old. Except it wasn't so gentle and there were no pictures taken. :)

Wife2Jason said...

That is funny because I wasn't the one who had to clean them!!! Or have that talk! LOL

Lynn said...

Is this Melaleuca stuff a well kept secret? Is is the all powerful remover of all forms of crazy stains children concoct?

Don't you love how our kids just keep giving us these blogable moments? ;o)

Alana said...

It is pretty cute! I would have laughed, too!

Krista said...

The story is really cute and I was totally excited when I read Melaleuca. I worked in a Melaleuca lab in pharmacy school!

Shan said...

So cute! I think he just wanted to keep his work pants separate from his play pants!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

That boy cracks me up!