Fall Fun

 My friend Stephanie had this posted on her blog and I thought it looked like fun.

F (favorite fall food recipe)
Ohh this is a hard one... there are baked apple doughnuts, pumpkin bars, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, candy corn with peanuts and M&M's (not really a recipe but a yummy snack)
A (favorite fall activity)
When we lived in MN, we had an apple orchard about five miles from our house. I loved going their for lunch, taking the hayride, and picking apples. I haven't found any place near our house now that offers those type of opportunities. We do go to the pumpkin patch, feed the ducks on the greenbelt, and just enjoy being outside biking or going on walks.
L (favorite fall liquid drink)
Hot chocolate or hot caramel apple cider
L (what you look forward to when fall comes)
Curling up with a blanket by the fireplace with a book or a movie, hot chocolate, football games, my girls' birthdays, wearing sweaters, scarves, and jeans, bonfires, macintosh apples, making soup, all the yummy fall baked good with pumpkin, and the list could go on and on...

What are your fall favorites??


Dave and Jenni said...

This is cute! I just did a Halloween meme that has a few similar questions. Have a good weekend!

Lynn said...

Ahhh...I love ALL of the fall things you mentioned. It is just such a cozy time of year.

Alana said...

I love all things fall! And am now craving a caramel apple cider!

I'm Tara. said...

You didn't list one thing that I don't agree with. Yummy and cozy - that's your whole post in a nutshell.

Janelle said...

This one makes me feel all warm inside. I heart Fall.