Catching Up with Technology

Last week, I sent my first text message.  (gasp)

All you text savvy people can pick yourselves up off the floor now.

My old phone was a dinosaur. A dinosaur I'm telling you.  It didn't have capabilities to take pictures or video and it didn't have a nice little keyboard for text messaging.  

When I switched cell phone companies, I got a new phone.  I am no texting fool but boy have I found that feature convenient.  I need to ask a friend a question who doesn't check their email as obsessively frequently often as I do, I can send a text.   A real time saver during our school day since a quick question could turn into a 30 minute phone conversation.  

Not only am I now a using text messaging, but I am a  skyper.  We are making technological gains in this house people!

My sister in law had emailed me about skype.   Since it is FREE, we signed up.  The kids and I had some fun last week playing with skype and getting to "see" our family.  

Over the weekend, I got a real treat when I was able to "meet" a bloggy friend on skype.  It was so much fun! It is the next best thing to meeting in real life.  We met kids, spouses (hers mine was hunting), and visited like old friends.  I can't wait to do it again.

I am still not very tech savvy, but for a time I am catching up with technology.  


Lynn said...

It was SOOO fun to chat with you. We must do it again soon. Too funny, but I sent my first text message a few weeks ago too. Seems like we are on the same technological page. Being in Korea did give me a heads up on Skype though. You are going to LOVE it! I knew "meeting" you would be like seeing an old friend again. :o)

Stephanie said...

Maybe I'm really technology illiterate, but I've been texting for at least three months, and I don't know what SKYPE is. Could you please help fill me in?

Rachel Slagle said...

i am a texting fool :) i hate talking on the phone. like you said sometimes the simplest question can turn into forever.

Denise said...

so, ask lindsey about my BIG PLANS!
wait, don't ask her, maybe i can still do it, see now i am just leaving some random comment that means nothing to you but a whole lot to me.
well, you'll see, you'll see.

Dave and Jenni said...

I wondered if it was Lynn, since she is skype champion. :) Welcome to the 21st century, Kristen. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better - I sent my first text message about 3 months ago. I'm hooked too!

Laura said...

You know you have issues when you start texting someone who is sitting right next to you. If you ever get to that point, go sit by Therese. ;)

Laura said...

Speaking of technology. I have been all over the settings. I cannot find the place to turn on replies. Plus, when I look at the comments page on one of my posts, there is no option for me to "reply" to them.

Alana said...

Well, welcome to the 21st century ;-)

I love texting, too, for all the same reasons.

And Skype? Haven't ventured into that world yet, but I may just have to!

Short Stop said...

Somehow I missed this post all that time ago. But, we just got connected to Skype andn we are SO excited to talk to friends and fam. SO, we should talk on Skype sometime???!!!! :)