She's Like a Cat

A few months ago, I posted about Mauryn sleeping in a chair for her naps and in the evenings.

She is still sleeping in the chair most of the time. I don't get it but she loves it.

I have also found her on the floor, on her brother's bed laying right in the sunshine where it is warm and cozy,
and on the cushions of a chair on her bedroom floor {she didn't want the chair put back together so she could keep sleeping on the cushions}.
She reminds me of our cat. All she needs is a warm, cozy spot and her blanket and she will be fall fast asleep.


Anonymous said...

So cute and sweet!

Denise said...

i want some of whatever mauryn is on...does tater-tot casserole develop healthy sleep habits?
i may try it. i'm that desperate. :-(

Alana said...

I always wanted a kid like that! :-) Cute!

Lynn said...

precious, precious girl.

Simply Sara said...

That's awesome! I wish my crazy three year old would do that. She doesn't nap anymore. {tear}

p.s my daughter has the same dress that mauryn is wearing in that second picture. made me smile :-)