We came home yesterday to find these on our doorstep:

landon ran as fast as he could to the door to check out what was waiting: NOODLES
checking to see which one is his
handing out the noodles
reading mauryn's noodle to her
morgan checking out her noodle
landon concentrating on reading his noodle
mauryn always the poser... showing off her noodle

thanks denise and family for the fun surprise. the excitement level went through the roof. see you at the lake on thurdsay ;0)


Simply Sara said...

so much fun!
what a fabulous idea denise had to send those!!!
she's so awesome.
you're so awesome.
and I really wish i could crash your party :(

Kym said...

What a thoughtful friend! Adds to the excitement of your trip to Cali :) Have a blessed time Kristen. You need this time with your friends to relax, rejuvinate and rest! I look forward to seeing your "rested" self come back home. I know last year was such a precious time for you.

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

What will I do without you for a week? Don't forget you have to come back to ID to live next door. That is the most fun gift to get ever! I think I need to crash your party some year too! Have fun. Drive Safe. (And again, don't forget to come back home soon).

Susan said...

how did she send those? that's a very FUN idea....

Sarah Markley said...

just to let you know, i already miss you SO MUCH!!