Rookie Ball

Last spring Landon played t-ball and loved it. Our neighbor Rick was his coach along with Lance and one other dad from the team. The three dads had such a great time working together they decided to coach a team again this spring. Landon has been so excited since basketball ended to start baseball.

Although baseball is a spring sport, it sure hasn't felt like spring. I think we have had one game where we didn't look like this watching the games:

Rookie ball is a bit of a jump from t -ball. Instead of hitting off the tee they hit off a pitching machine, they can get actually get kids out {or get thrown out themselves}, and they keep score. Overall Landon has done really well, especially being the youngest on his team as well as one of the smallest. I must say as a parent, this is so much more fun to watch than t-ball.
His favorite position to play so far has been second base {just like his daddy}. Since the season started he has been wanting to play catcher. Every game he asks if they will put him in to play. Finally on Saturday he got his turn. The coaches were hesitant because the equipment is so big and heavy but it didn't bother Landon at all. He did great as catcher and LOVED it. Today he even walked to the coaches house to get the catching equipment so he could practice at home with Lance.

Only four games left, and maybe just maybe we will be able to watch a game without being all bundled up!


Jenni S. said...

Hope your weather has warmed up! I can't believe how big Landon is getting!

Susan said...

super cute pics. Our boys have ALWAYS loved the catcher gear

Lynn said...

He looks like such a big boy with all that equipment.