Just a Reminder

We have had a cold, wet, and windy spring.

It even snowed on Saturday.

At the end of May.

In Idaho.

Strange, strange weather!

We had a nice weekend about a month ago. The sun was shining, it was warm, and we spent the entire weekend outside.

Today, I am trying to warm up and remind myself that summer is on the way... at least I hope so!
waiting to get someone with that squirt gun
playing volleyball with the neighbors across the fence
cooper and mauryn decided to check out the pool
there was just enough water after hauling buckets full, to get her hair wet
relaxing and working on getting a tan :o)
my big girl's shadow {she loves experimenting with the camera}
the love/not so much love relationship between coop and mauryn: he wanted to hit a ball off the tee and she was using it as a microphone. you can see coop is not so happy.

Our weekend would not have been complete without Mauryn giving us a performance. This is my little spitfire in a nutshell... using a tube of sunscreen as her microphone, making up her own song, the drama/expressions on her face, and just giving it all she's got.


Sarah Markley said...

oh goodness. i cannot wait to see you this weekend.

can't come quick enough. =)

Lisa said...

I LOVE the video, what a hoot!

Simply Sara said...

ok. seriously. cutest little singer ever!
i just love how she was totally feelin' her song- eyes shut tight, dancing and holding her little microphone.

way cute.