Pen Pals

One of my kids' favorite "jobs" is to collect the mail and to put mail in the mailbox. 

Almost every day Landon asks if he got any mail.  Almost every day the answer is no.  Except for the one day a month when his Big Backyard magazine comes in the mail or around his birthday, there isn't much in the mailbox for a soon to be five year old.  

A few weeks ago Chrissie shared on her blog that her girls now had pen pals and I thought this would be a great idea for Landon. Not only because he would be excited to put his own mail in the mailbox and receive something in the mail, but it would be a great way to work on letter formation and letter sounds (getting in school work without him realizing it is "school").

As I was thinking about a pen pal for Landon one little boy came to my mind, Sarah's son, Jack . Over the past year or so as we have become blog friends, we have read and shared stories about these two energetic life lovin' boys.  We know that if they lived in the same city they would be great friends.

Last weekend, Landon worked diligently on a letter and picture for his new pen pal Jack.  

He was so proud as he put the stamp on the letter, 
walked it to the mailbox, 

and put the flag up on the mailbox.

I am looking forward to the day Landon receives his letter - I am sure his jubilant shout will be heard all the way to Jack's Midwestern hometown.  

I am excited to see these boys develop a long distance friendship through the almost forgotten art of the handwritten letter.


Lynn said...

That's awesome! You're right...those two are a perfect penpal match. What a great way to combine fun with learning.

Rachel Slagle said...

how fun for the both of them. i love how happy landon looks in the picture - he looks like he is going to burst from the excitement! :)

Alana said...

That is so cool! My son has been asking to be pen pals, too. We have talked about him doing it with a son of a friend of ours from Illinois. Unfortunately, I have yet to follow through in having him write the letter! I need to do it.

I had a pen pal for years starting in junior high (we met at camp). Sometime after college we lost touch and just recently we found each other on Facebook!

This will be a wonderful experience for him!

nicole said...

i love it. that is a great idea and he's such a character....i still like getting mail, even when bills come..i like to organize them.

joy said...

What a great idea that is! I still get excited when I receive notes in the mail.

Short Stop said...

We are so excited! SO excited. Can't wait to send something back. Thank you for the idea - can't wait to see the friendship that develops between our little guys! :)

Dave and Jenni said...

Kristen, that is a wonderful idea! That might be something good for me to start with Ruthie with her cousins in NC to keep them connected... That is so awesome that you chose Jack -- you will NOT be disappointed! We just love that family!