Hands Down The Shirts Ever!

About three years ago I was invited to an at home clothing party.  I was pregnant with Mauryn so I wasn't going to purchase any new cute clothes for my soon to gain 65 lb body. 

The consultant and I were visiting and she told me how she would wear the shirts when she was pregnant and they would hold  their shape so she could wear them after her pregnancy. I was a little skeptical but I did find a cute t- shirt and decided to buy it.

I wore that t-shirt throughout my entire pregnancy. As my belly got bigger, the shirt continued to stretch with my belly.  

When my pregnancy was over, I was able to wear the t-shirt and it had its original shape. It did not look like it had been stretched to its limits during my pregnancy.  Now that is some shirt!

I wear one of their wide strap cami's almost every day. They look great under a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater or on their own with a pair of capris or shorts.

 The cami's  are soft, comfortable, stretchy, LONG, and just plain wonderful.

Not only are the cami's amazing, but their dresses and shirts are wonderful as well.

From now until February 25, the Layers basics are on sale. Head on over and check out their website. You will not be disappointed!


Stephanie said...

Love the Wide Strap Cami, also. I have a brown and white one. I need to buy some other colors. I wear them all the time. Money well spent!

joy said...

sounds great. i'm going to check them out right now.

Rachel said...

I must say you and Stephanie got me addicted. I LOVE their clothes!!

Lynn said...

Sounds intriguing...I'm heading there now.

Janelle said...

Never heard of it! Thanks...going now to check it out.

Hope you are doing well! I am going to spend some time catching up with your posts.

You are sweet!

Denise said...

i'm going now! i need wide strapped, hip looking, tanks.

Dave and Jenni said...

Thanks for the tip -- on my way to look now.