For Boys Only

In one month my boy is going to turn 5 (sniff, sniff - I can't believe he is going to be 5 - it just seems so old and well I want to keep my boy little)

We have been discussing options for his birthday party this year.  His ideas for themes were firefighters, pirates, swimming party, Harley Davidson (thanks to his uncle), Lightning the Queen (as he states calls him) and football. 

He would look through catalogs and discuss the ideas for his party.  He thought about it and talked about his ideas for about three weeks before he finally decided on a theme.

He decided to have  a football party and we started planning. We searched for ideas for games, invitations, goodie bag trinkets (no critters this year), and cakes.  

The time came to make his guest list and there was one thing he was very adamant about: NO GIRLS! I was very surprised so I asked him "Why don't you want any girls?" He said, "Mama, girls don't know about football except maybe Amiah (our neighbor and his good friend) she likes football but I just want boys."

So there you have it.... a football party for BOYS ONLY!


Janelle said...

Our oldest boy made that transistion at 5, too. It was hard to tell my friends with girls. I really wrestled with it, but realized it wasn't about me.

Have fun!

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Amiah already knows this and it didn't even phase her! :) She must realize there are just some things she's better off not involved in! :) I hope it stays that way into her teens! I can hardly wait to see all your great themed football ideas though Miss Creative!

Shan said...

I used to love boy parties!! But I haven't done one in 10 years - (he's almost 21) Maybe I should give a "boy" party for his 21st! But he's thinking "Vegas Baby! And I think he's want girls there :)

Looks like fun!!

Lynn said...

I read your title and wasn't sure if I was allowed to keep reading... JK.

You are such a fun party planner. I can't wait to see pictures of the big event!

joy said...

that is so funny! i guess we all know the time approaches when the gender divide sets in. sounds like fun and i think it's great when we can allow our boys to be boys.

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh that makes me nervous for the girls. Most of our close friends have boys, so I would be so sad if they came to the "no girl" conclusion! I guess it's just another step in that whole social development thing.