It is Handy to Have a Doctor in the House

For those five of you who read this blog on a regular basis, you know that our little Mauryn is tiny in stature but strong in her will.  Mauryn is a bitty ball of fire that is constantly in motion. One of her favorite things to do is climb - table top, counter top, etc...  

Last week one evening, she had climbed on the counter and was scurrying to get off the counter top (she heard me coming back into the kitchen) when she toppled over with the chair she had used to climb onto the counter.  I picked her up and checked for blood right away. I could tell she had bit her tongue but couldn't see any other signs of injury. She was very upset and it took a while to get her calmed down.  

Once she was calm, I noticed her shirt had quite a bit of blood on it. I knew she bit her tongue but it hadn't bled very much.   I had her lift her head and noticed a cut on her chin.  I placed her in my arms and carried her upstairs to our room for Lance to look at her. 

When I reached our room, I was pretty insistent that we get Mauryn to quick care. I knew she either needed stitches or skin glue for her cut.  Lance took a look at her chin and agreed she probably would need skin glue.

Instead of taking her into quick care, our resident vet went to his truck got out some skin glue and fixed our baby girl up.  Mauryn was a wonderful patient. She laid completely still while Lance applied the skin glue.

Mauryn proudly displays her "owie" on her chin that her daddy "fix up".

Sometimes, it is handy to have a doctor in the house, (even if he is a vet)  when it saves you a hundred dollar trip to quick care.

getting ready to apply to skin glue
all done


Wife2Jason said...

Do you know how mych money this would have saved me???? But BBQ cuts pobably go a little deper, but still!

Lynn said...

Poor baby girl!!! Glad your hubby was able to come to the rescue and not only save you the cash but also the TIME it takes to go to urgent care. Way to go Lance!

Leah in Iowa said...

I agree - it would be nice! Glad it wasn't any more serious than that.

One of my friends is a vet and has done ultrasounds on herself and her friends during pregnancy. Wouldn't that be handy? =)

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh no, poor Mauryn! So glad Lance was there to help!

Denise said...

that's great! all michael can do is digitally image a wound so that it won't appear in photos (this has come in handy).