Men Will Be Boys

I saw first hand yesterday how grown men are still boys at heart.  

Hoping to relive some past glory or think their bodies are ten or fifteen years younger, a group of men from our church took part in a flag football game: the young marrieds Sunday school class against the teen leaders and a few teens.

After battling it out on the field in the cold and wind,  the young marrieds Sunday School class came away with the win.

When the game was over,  the men had bigger smiles, a light in their eyes, and a little swagger in their step.  Even though they were cold, sore, and tired there is already talk of a rematch in the spring.

So for an hour on a wintery day, these men were able to relive a bit of their youth and partake in an old fashioned football game.

teen leader team working hard to make a play
lance playing quarterback
teen leaders team huddling up
great catch for the teen leaders team
lance blocking for his team


Kara said...

that was so fun!1 You got some great pics. can't wait for a rematch.

Jessica Brown said...

aww - how fun! josh would be all over that idea! he used to play intramural football in college and always enjoyed it.

Dave and Jenni said...

OK, so were you a little proud to be the winning quarterback's wife? ;) Looks like they had a great time - Dave would have loved somethign like that too!

Alana said...

They never REALLY grow up! :-)

Lynn said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all.

Denise said...


ask Lance what he thinks about that?

my husband loves to act like a boy but rarely gets too.