2008 in Review

Since I didn't do a Christmas letter this year, I thought I would do a recap of our year.  There is no top ten list or most memorable moments, just some happenings in our life over the past year.  

-Mauryn gets ear tubes.  The results of the tubes have been amazing. Her vocabulary has multiplied and she has gained a pound since getting her tubes.  

- We spent a wintery weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Beautiful snow covered mountains, swimming in the outdoor pools, bowling, and great family time.
- Lance gets on a exercise kick and runs his first race.
- We were able to celebrate the marriage of one of our favorite people, Katie Wilson.

- Morgan learns how to knee board.
- Landon works hard to stop sucking his thumb and earned a skateboard!
- We spent many summer days at the water park, taking in the sun and enjoying the rides.  
- A definite highlight was our first family vacation to San Diego.  We took in the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, the beach, and a Padres game.  
- My biggest accomplishment this year was training for and completing my first ever marathon. It turned out to be much more than just fundraising for cancer and completing the goal of running a marathon. I learned so much about myself and made some wonderful new friends.
- This year I was able to meet a blogging friend in real life, reconnect with relatives through blogging, and meet two blogging friends on skype.  Who would have thought??

- Morgan finished stage one braces. She now has straight teeth and retainer to wear 24/7.
- Landon learns to ride without training wheels. He didn't even mind learning on his good friend Amiah's pink bike.
- We went on a field trip to tour a private airplane company and it turned into a flight above Boise for all the kids and parents. It was definitely an experience none of us will ever forget.

- Morgan participated on a competitive gymnastics team. Morgan worked hard all year to improve and polish her routines.  All her hardwork paid of in March when she had her best meet of the year and won state for her age group and level.


Kym said...

What a fun way to recap the year. You are very involved people and I can know that what you shared here is just a snipet of all your year included. Thanks for the highlights! May 2009 be a year of continued blessings!

Shan said...

What a good year - I've loved keeping in contact through it all :) What a blessing! Happy new year!!!!!

Cathi Hamen said...

I love sun valley! no ice skating??
I learned to ski there too.. dollar half and quarter!! i miss it!!

Denise said...

yeah for 2008!

2009 will have me with you in the review!!

i almost added a pic of noah knee boarding to my top 10 (14). i think i was the only one who would have recognizes the look of bliss on his face.

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Yes!! I made the list!! :)

Happy new year cheneys! We hope God blesses your family greatly in 2009!

Dave and Jenni said...

What a full year for you all! I'm so excited that Mauryn is gaining weight! Yay!

Janelle said...

I like you a lot!

Short Stop said...

What a great recap. So many wonderful memories and accomplishments.

And, your pictures - they are GREAT!

Lara said...

Hi, I found your blog from Joy's. I just have to give a huge congratulations to morgan for winning state! As a former gymnast I know that's a HUGE acomplishment!