Just a LIttle Late - Morgan Christmas 2008

Name: Morgan

Age: 9

Favorite New Toys: Roaring Springs Pass, Kit Kittredge movie, Energy GymRockets DS game, Kit Kittredge DS game, Josephina American Girl books, Mix It Up Cookbook

Our Favorite Memory:  This year it became very evident how important traditions are to you.  You wanted to do things exactly like we had in the years past.  We love that you are embracing these traditions we have started as a family.  

Did you believe in Santa?:  Sad to say, NO!  You figured out that there is no Santa about two years ago, but you play along so well :o)

Favorite Christmas movie:  Sound of Music (not a true Christmas movie but we watch it every year over Christmas vacation, usually on Christmas Day)

Favorite Ornament: A peppermint ornament that you made at Kappels Daycare when you were about 3 years old

Favorite Decoration: all our snowmen

Favorite Cookie: Caramel Meltaways

What filled your stocking:  Bubble gum, Tic Tacs, fun fusion beads, lip gloss, nail polish, headbands, card game

Favorite Christmas Carol:  Mary Did You Know


Lynn said...

What a wonderful way to remember the highlights of this special holiday. Loved reading each one.

Jessica Brown said...

these are great, kristen! and how fun that you'll be able to look back on them in years to come. sounds like a great christmas! and sign me up for the ski pass.

Jessica Brown said...

i mean, the water park pass - oops!

Denise said...

caramel meltaways are my favs too.
i made some again the other day.

the "hills can be alive with the sound of music" at anytime of year!

Dave and Jenni said...

Thanks for doing this, Kristen! I think I've just about given up on recapping Christmas and then I look at the pictures and think, oh I should do a Christmas post. LOL. Morgan seems to be growing up so quickly and I don't even know her personally! I can only imagine how you must feel. :)