Just a Little Late - Mauryn: Christmas 2008

Name: Mauryn


Favorite new toys: Bitty Baby's stroller, snap n' style dolls, microphone, dress up shoes, puzzles

Our favorite memory: We loved watching you in your first Christmas program. You amazed us with how well you knew the song and the actions.  You would bound around the house singing your song from the program all day, every day.  A definite favorite this year was making all the cookies, being a cookie taster, and eating the dough.  You were a trooper through all the cookie decorating, gingerbread house decorating, and the decorating of Jesus' birthday cake. You were the only kid to stick it out through all those projects.  Of course, you knew there was frosting and candy to be eaten so you made sure to stick close by.  

Did you believe in Santa: Yes - you recognized Santa this year

Favorite Christmas movie: No favorite yet

Favorite ornament: I think you took every ornament off the lower branches of the "kid" tree. You didn't seem to favor any one ornament in particular. You liked to take them off the tree and put them back on it.

Favorite decoration: What God wants for Christmas? characters and the Little People Nativity 

Favorite cookie: All of them!

What filled your stocking:  a stuffed puppy dog, bracelets, view finder, gum

Favorite Christmas carol: The Angels Sing (favorite part - the shefards waf ha ha ha)

Thanks to Sarah for giving me permission to "copy" her idea for this series of posts! :o)


Dave and Jenni said...

She sounds like such a joy, Kristen. And it sounds like you enjoy her too! :)

Kara said...

She's too cute!! Christmas is just going to get more and more fun for her and for you as well. Cute idea!

Alana said...

Oh, I love these posts! Wish I would have done something similar...great idea!