Weekend Happenings

- field trip to the Discovery Center
- dinner out with Lance and my team on a rooftop patio - so fun!
- last training run
- BBQ with our neighbors
- shopping for spring/summer clothes
- bike ride
- picnic lunch in the park
- planting the salsa garden
- transplanting bushes and planting flowers 

the pulley chair at the Discovery Center
Landon's turn in the pulley chair
the bed of nails - landon thought this was very cool
dr. mauryn with her stethescope

 one corner of the salsa garden


Rachel Slagle said...

sounds like you had a busy, fun filled weekend :)

Shan said...

Good luck this week! Hope we get to see you! Email me with what day you think will work :}

joy said...

i agree about bathing suits! and i received your sweet note. thank you so much! i plan on writing you back soon, after i finish up this cold. have fun on vacation and your run! i think that's part of your vacation, right?

Sarah Markley said...

i want a salsa garden!!! =)

Lynn said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!!! What a great weekend with lots of family time, outdoor activities, and I'm just a teensy bit jealous about that garden. I think gardens are such a great learning activity for kids. I'm STILL amazed at what God produces from a tiny seed or plant.

Earen said...

Look at you guys having so much fun!

Leah in Iowa said...

What a jam-packed weekend of fun, fun, fun! =) Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh a salsa garden! Dave would LOVE that. We might have to try that, but maybe next spring/summer.