As we were rounding the corner of mile nine on our run on Saturday, we saw a purple tent set up with staff members from our local team in training office.  They were standing by cheering us on as we turned to finish our last five miles.  As we were leaving the park, one of the workers run up beside us and said "You arrived ahead of schedule. Your families are on their way and will be here when you return."   

The last few miles the thought of seeing my family kept pushing me through to the end.  I was surprised to see that not only had my family made it but also our wonderful neighbors.  

I got a little taste of what it will be like on marathon day.  The cow bells ringing, the signs waving, and the feeling of great accomplishment.

Thank you Lance, Morgan, Landon, Mauryn, Pat, Val, Amiah, and Cooper for coming to surprise me! I know it wasn't easy coordinating everyone's schedules to be at the finish line but it really made my day to see all of you there supporting me.

the final leg of the run
this is right after i finished - ignore the bed head, sweaty head, in need of a haircut hair
why i didn't drop my coat along the way i will never know - it was such a pain to have that thing on me during the run

the family

* thanks Val for taking pictures :o)


Earen said...

What great family & friends! I'm really proud of you...what an accomplishment. I bet you're getting excited for your race.

Lynn said...

Yea!!! More pictures of you! Congrats on this long run too. You are SO ready for this race!

Denise said...

Terrific! TERRIFIC! Woohooo! Ding Ding Ding! Yeehaw! Yoohooo!

What does it feel like!?

i want to run like that. i am still in the walk/run cycle. my legs feel so heavy,and throb when i run. what do i do? i keep pressing on, a little more each time.

i am encouraged by your accomplishment!

Joy said...

how awesome! good for you--when's the big race again?

Dave and Jenni said...

What an amazing accomplishment! And, girl, who cares what your hair looks like! You just ran how far? :)

I like the impromptu family picture too!

Sarah Markley said...

I soooo love it! Great job!

Lynn said...

I had to come back to admire the pictures again, now that I know they were just for me. :o)

I got your card this week! Thank you so much...it just made my day.