Usually all our mailbox contains is catalogs, advertisements, other forms of junk mail, and of course bills.  

A few weeks ago I had an unexpected surprise in the mailbox.  A note. Handwritten. From a friend. It wasn't my birthday or a special occasion. It wasn't a thank you note. It was just a kind, sweet note from one friend to another. 

The words in the note could easily have been written in an email. Instead this friend took time to pick a note card and handwrite her message.  There is something special about the time and care taken to handwrite a message.  The handwritten note or letter is almost a lost from of communication with the invention of email.  I know I am guilty of sending of a quick note over email rather than taking the time to put those same words to pen and paper.  

Since we moved, Morgan has been sporadically writing letters back and forth with her friends. Each time a letter comes in the mail, her eyes light up and she finds a quiet place to read her letter.  Then she hangs on to each letter or card like a treasure.  She finds a special place for them and rereads them often.  At the age of 8, she understands the time, effort, and love put into each letter or note.

The wonderful thing about the handwritten note or letter,  is that it is something to hang on to and treasure. I have a few I have received over the years that had messages in them that touched my heart. I keep those notes in a special place and when I am having "one of those days" I can pull them out and refresh my spirit.  

I am going to help out the postal service and make it my goal to send at least one handwritten letter or note a week.  I am going out to buy some cute note cards and stationary to make writing my notes a little more fun.  Or maybe I will carve out time to hand stamp note cards!  

Dear bloggy friends if you want to be added to my list of recipients, you can email me your address.  I would love to send you a handwritten note.  There is just something special about seeing a piece of real mail amongst the junk mail and bills.

* my email address can be found on my profile page


Dave and Jenni said...

I totally agree with you - I am too often guilty of e-mailing what might have been all the sweeter if it were mailed. What a wonderful idea you have! :)

Short Stop said...

There is nothing like getting a handwritten card in the mail. To find something of such value smushed between bills and junk mail is enough to change my whole day.

YOU are so thoughtful!

Lynn said...

I have had this goal at times in life but have gotten away from it. It is SO fun to get some real mail amidst the junk. I'll just give you my address here since it is just a box # anyway. For anything under a pound (which of course a letter should be), you can just use a regular stamp. Nothing extra. For anything larger, you need to fill out a customs form, but the postage still costs the same as mailing to CA. Great idea!

Lynn Rohal
PSC 3, Box 4433
APO, AP, 96266

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Oh I love this idea! I am a big fan of letters and getting things in the mail. I try to send notes to friends and clients every once in a while (partly because I'm a sucker for stationary and fun paper).

I'm very excited to see you guys when you come out next month! I definitely think a padre game would be a great idea if you have the time for it- we love going and it's a really fun ballpark. There is a "park in the park": it is in the outfield and is a grassy hill with sand to play in. Tickets are super cheap- like $5-$10. Maybe we can meet up with you there... we love padres games!