DInnertime Offenses

The Offense: Poor table manners, goofing off during dinner, laying on the bench, looking out the window, pretty much doing anything but eating

The Offender: The boy

The Consequence: Retrieve booster seat from the garage and buckle the boy in it for the remainder of the meal and all meals today. For the boy, this is pure torture to sit buckled in for his meals.

The Reaction: "I know how to unbuckle this seat."  
      " I am going to take this seat apart and throw it away"

The Supportive Husband and Daughter: Thank you Lance and Morgan for helping with the situation at dinner last night. It sure made things easier with the two of you were laughing at the boy and not doing a very good job of hiding it.  Next time, leave the room! It is hard for me to not laugh with you and I needed to have the serious mom face.

The Verdict: Transitioning out of nap with this guy is not pretty.  The boy is stubborn and has a bit of a temper. When he melts, although it isn't a shining moment for him, the things spewing from his mouth are quite humorous (and it is so hard not to laugh).  We are trying to be patient, teach him how to handle his emotions more appropriately, and get him to bed earlier (which is hard now that it stays light outside so late).  My saving grace is that he gets over his meltdowns fairly quickly and returns to his sweet and loving little self.  


Leah in Iowa said...

I'm sure he'll remember his time spent in the chair and be a better-behaved little boy from now on. Well, okay - you can hope, right!?

Wife2Jason said...

I LOVE that he is wearing a 'Saints' shirt!!! LOL! My little guy (5yrs) is still in his booster because he can not sit still... and he's little and can't reach the table well. :)

Dave and Jenni said...

I know it sounds terrible, but from a pre-schooler sleeping standpoint, I SO dislike this time change. The girls don't go to sleep until 9 PM and are waking up at 6 AM - TWO HOURS less sleep than normal. It makes for very long days. All this to say, I totally feel your pain!

Lynn said...

We finally got dark curtains to hang over the windows in Adeline's room to preserve sanity for all of us. Way to hold it together mom!

Joy said...

even though i've never met him, i can hear him say those things. how did you ever keep from laughing! oh and i received your note! thanks so much and i'm going to write you back. :)