I started a journey four months ago with mostly selfish intentions - to lose some weight and complete an endurance event before my 35th birthday. Sure it was for a good cause, I would raise money for cancer research, and maybe make some new friends. 

Over the past four months, I knew that I would be challenged physically and I knew I would probably learn some lessons along the way but what I didn't expect was the emotional impact of this journey. 

A few weeks ago at one of our training runs, one of the office staff members came to speak to us. In her hands was a large gift bag that contained a large garbage bag filled with empty pill bottles from her sons chemotherapy.  Her son at age 9 started filling his body with chemicals to kill the cancer.  He is now 12 years old and in remission due to the advances in cancer research. Seeing all those empty pill bottles and knowing that they went into a little boys body touched my heart, especially as a mother, to the very core.

This past weekend, three of my teammates completed their marathons in Boise. In 95 degree heat.  With smiles on their faces. I am so proud of them!  For the last 50 yards of each of their runs, our team stood on the grass cheering, clapping, ringing cow bells, and blowing whistles to show our support and encourage them on to the finish line.  Each time, my eyes filled with tears. To see them complete their events that they had trained so hard for was awesome. Knowing that my event was two short weeks away, they gave me inspiration and hope.

I have taken more from this journey than I ever imagined. I was hoping that physically my body would change after all the training but I didn't even comprehend how emotionally I would be changed forever.  I didn't realize how bonded I would feel with the people I have trained with over the past four months.  I didn't understand how good it would feel to be part of a team.  I didn't realize how important the support and encouragement of others would be.  I didn't realize that this is truly about the journey and not the destination - until now.


Earen said...

I'm so proud of you Kristen & what a blessing and just like God to give us far beyond we could ever hope or dream!

Sarah Markley said...

Great posts (the last several ones). What an inspiration you are to so many people!!! Keep going!

Lynn said...

Wow, how inspiring! I am inspired by both your discipline to train for such a feat and for being teachable in the process.

Short Stop said...

I wish I could be there ringing bells and cheering for you when you cross the finish line. I have loved being on this journey with you from afar!

Denise said...

i love the line, "i didn't realize that this is truly about the journey and not the destination."
i want to learn to live fully in the journey.

2 more weeks! ahhh! wish i could be there on the sidelines.

just so you know we google earthed you, to see what our neighborhood would look like :-). Michael even looked into job opps. looks like we're stuck in ca. ahhh well,it was fun to dream.

i too will be glued to the tube watching
So You Think You Can Dance.

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow that story about the mom really touched me as well. Congratulations for putting forth so much effort for such a great cause!