Advent: Day 17

Lego Advent Calendar:

Bible Verses:

The Lord God said to the serpent,
“Because you have done this,
    cursed are you above all livestock
    and above all beasts of the field;
on your belly you shall go,
    and dust you shall eat
    all the days of your life.
I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring[a] and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
    and you shall bruise his heel.”
Genesis 3:14-15

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, Galatians 4:4

 go ice skating

this is the one advent activity the kids ask for every year
they love it!

the library gives out 2 for 1 skating passes in the summer for the summer reading program so i just hang onto them until advent season 

 getting used to the ice

 loving her little skate mate

morgan taking a few laps on the ice

we hadn't been there long when the two big kids decided they needed to race
good thing we basically had the ice rink to ourselves

 silly boy!
he did fall quite a few times because he has no fear and was going as fast as he could on those skates
i know he has some bruises on his legs
he didn't mind

 the skate mate isn't just for helping little ones skate

we had a great day at the skating rink
by the end of the day mauryn was even skating on her own... yeah!
the kids are already talking about skating next year :o)

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