This is why my kids love going to Miss Barbie's House

The Event: Messy Day
The Place: Miss Barbie's House (of course)
The Activities: body painting with chocolate pudding
                          chocolate pudding slip and slide
                          whipped topping fun
                          wet noodle fight
The result: lots of laughter, squeals, and fun

the boys are getting ready
chasing someone with a paintbrush full of pudding
the little man is covered - even his ears are full of pudding
some chocolate covered beuties
a group of chocolate covered kiddos
yummy noodles (before they were used in the noodle fight)
how about a little whipped cream with that chocolate pudding
perfect topping for dessert
giving one of the moms a taste of whipped topping
hosing off 


Lynn said...

oh my goodness! What fun! Why not let them get covered in goo outside where they can just wash it off?!? Love it!

PS. Thanks for the birthday wish. It is so nice to know you were thinking about me. :o)

Earen said...

Oh my!! How fun does that look!! Good ideas!

Denise said...

was there a kid hiding in a corner just eating the chocolate pudding?
that's how it would have gone had i been a kid playing.

okay, and here is my obsessive compulsive side, that chocolate isn't gonna come out of those swim suits!

still.. miss barbie ROCKS!

Rachel Slagle said...

looks like so much fun! what a different idea!

nicole said...

way too cool!

Sarah Markley said...


Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Oh my goodness! Who lets their kids do this? I surely didn't get to do this growing up. So much fun!

Cathi Hamen said...

i didnt either but i do remember fingerpainting with chocolate pudding in preschool or k? soooo fun! looks like something Cami Mandy and Jordi would do!! what fun!

Dave and Jenni said...

OK, so, that looks like tons of fun!