Giveaway Winners

Just what you have all been waiting for the announcement of the giveaway winner.  It's on video. This time I don't look so frightened or blink so much. My brain is mush and I am exhausted after start back to homeschooling this week so my formulation of thoughts is a little off but I do have a lovely assistant helping me out - a highlight of the video :o) 


Wife2Jason said...

Congrats Sarah!

And Morgn is a LOVEY assistant!

Lynn said...

Oh.my.goodness....how did I forget to come back and comment on your anniversary post?!?!

I was watching your drawing video thinking...ooooh, I hope I won....then I thought, wait, I don't remember actually leaving a comment on that post.


You know that I adore you and read EVERY ONE of your posts. Happy anniversary, friend. Sorry for my lameness.

Dave and Jenni said...

Congrats Sarah!

Jessica Brown said...

I'm with Lynn... I forgot to post and I'm so bummed. I have one computer that doesn't play videos well so I skipped it once. Then forgot to go back right away.

But I love your blog! Happy bloggy anniversary.

Cathi Hamen said...

super fun way to blog!! your daughter is beautiful.. and a great assistant! keep up the inspiration in your blogging!

Shawna said...

You crack me up!!! Great job Morgan...next time draw my name!

Denise said...

it was rigged!!!
you only had sarah's name in there.. i didn't hear paper shuffling.
don't you like me??

just kidding, hehehe.

congrats sarah!

i like the videos.
i have considered going to all videos (mostly video) it takes to long to think and type, and restructure my sentences, and errors, then upload photos, ugghh..
and on top of that have my brain be mush due to schooling.

oh, and lindsey just called, they're last minuet stopping into my casa for dinner. so i get to be with your people! ha!
you know i'm gonna talk about you "neighbor"

nicole said...

congrats sarah!
congrats Kristen for using the mac. my sister has a mac and loves it...wish i had one.

Shan said...

You are so cute! I've been out of town and didn't read the 1 year post - but I loved the video blogs! And I have loved being reconnected to family across the country! And Morgan is so funny - great assistant!

Love ya - XOXO