Our Journey to Idaho- Part II

Eight days and no phone call from Idaho. I was feeling confident God had closed the door and we were staying in Minnesota.  As I was expressing to Lance that I felt  we were meant to stay in Minnesota and it had been interesting to think about moving, his cell phone rang. It was the veterinarian from Idaho calling to ask if Lance would like to come and interview.  He apologized for not calling back  but he had come down with a virus and lost his voice... for eight days. 

Even though Lance had contacted the practice in Idaho about the job, the reality of the situation of possibly changing jobs and moving our family was starting to set in.  We decided that Lance needed to go and see if the job would be a good fit.  We also decided that we were not going to discuss our potential move with anyone.  We lived in a small community and knowing how news spreads like wildfire we thought it was best to not raise concern among our friends, Lance's business partners, and his clients until we had a more information about the job in Idaho.

At the end of April, Lance flew to Idaho to interview for the job.  He was amazed at the practice, encouraged by having a set schedule, and drawn to living near the mountains.  The practice was his "dream job".  A practice that worked solely with dairy cows, a practice where one of his clients had as many cows as his entire practice in Minnesota, and a practice where he could use his knowledge of the dairy industry with his clients on a daily basis.

When Lance returned from his trip, we were a little overwhelmed with the gravity of this decision.  I started making lists - pros and cons of the move.  We talked about the potential move every single day. Numerous times a day.  To the point where I really just wanted a decision made.  We were praying constantly and I was definitely filled with a sense of peace about moving. It just felt like it was what God wanted us to do, even though it was scary to think about leaving.

The practice in Idaho was interested in Lance but they had just hired a new graduate (from Minnesota) to join their practice in June.  There was potential that one of their vets was leaving to move back to Wisconsin (a whole different story but Lance knew him and had taken 6 weeks of classes with him when he was in vet school).  Even though in our minds we were ready to accept the job, we were now in a waiting game to see if there was a position available.

Part III  tomorrow.


Dave and Jenni said...

I'm always amazed at how God can give peace in the midst of something so potentially jarring (such as a move 1500 miles from family). One of those tangible signs that He is most definitely at work!

Can't wait to hear more!

Denise said...

ughhh, i am not a good waiter!

Kym said...

Ahh! A cliff hanger. You have whet my appetite and I look forward to the rest.

Krista said...

Idaho is so far from Minnesota. You and Lance are brave to move such a great distance from loved ones... all for the sake of dairy cows!