More Mothering by Mauryn

Mauryn LOVES babies! When she encounters a baby she wants to hold them and love on them - play babies, real babies, any baby.

A few days ago, our neighbor Cooper was over. The poor little man gets a great deal of Mauryn's love and affection, which isn't always so gentle (we are working on it). I am hoping Cooper will forgive her as she continues to mother him and they can be great friends in a few years just like Landon and Amiah. If not, Mauryn, you better watch out because it won't be long until Cooper is bigger than you!

Mauryn holding a not happy Cooper - do you like Mauryn's cheese face :o)
Mauryn and Cooper size comparison (age difference 13 months)


Dave and Jenni said...

Those are great pictures (especially the "cheese" face)! I know how you feel about having petite girls - mine are almost always the smallest of their friends!

Lynn said...

I know what you mean...our niece ALWAYS wants to hold Adeline whether she is screaming or not.

The new signature is just lovely. :o)

Rachel Slagle said...

mauryn so cute! dillon is really "into" babies, too. she looks so tiny compared to the other little guy - if she was next to dillon i'm sure he would look like godzilla :)

Sarah Markley said...

So, cute! I love the "cheese face" !

Short Stop said...

LOL...these pictures are great!