I was tagged by Courtney over at Joyful Weddings and Events for this meme.  

What was I doing ten years ago?
Hmm, ten years ago I was teaching Kindergarten in Iowa. Lance was finishing his last round of rotations in vet school. We were preparing for his graduation, our move to MN, and closing on our first home. Oh and I was in the midst of job hunting.  Although I was excited for Lance to start his new job, I was very sad to be leaving my job and friends in IA. 

Things on my to do list?
Like Courtney, I love to do lists!  I make lists constantly!
This month?
- do some major deep down spring cleaning - windows, blinds, baseboards, etc...
- clean out/organize closets (if the warm weather ever decides to come and stay)
- complete a 16 mile run
- clean/organize the garage
- figure out how to fit in all my extra projects with Lance working or gone the next three weekends
- the usual weekly stuff - running errands, cleaning house, homeschooling, taking Morgan to/from gymnastics, paying bills
This year?
- to finish my marathon on June 1st
- to paint our entryway and master bedroom and bathroom
- to move Landon into his own room and move Mauryn into Morgan's room
- to paint and decorate the kids' bedrooms
- to re decorate (or start decorating) our main level bathroom and the kids' bathroom
- to do a better job of planning for our school days and keeping to our schedule
- to travel to MN to see my family
- to get through some of the books on my reading challenge
In my lifetime?
- to travel to all 50 states
- to travel to Europe 
- to travel the Caribbean
- embrace and enjoy each day as a gift - to do a better job of letting the little things go and just treasure my time at home with my kids
- to continue to learn and grow in my relationship with God
- to do my best at being a good mother, wife, daughter, sister

Bad habits?
- washing and drying clothes but not folding them and putting them away ( i have gotten better)
- drinking fountain soda
- spending too much time on the computer

Places I've lived?
- St. Peter, MN (same town, same house from birth to college)
- Decorah, IA
- Rye, NY
- Windom, MN
- Ames, IA
- Winsted, MN
- Nampa, ID

Things most people probably don't know about me?
- I was voted biggest brown noser and most talkative in my senior high school class
- When I was in about 4th grade I sang a duet in church - so at one time in my life I could actually sing :o)
- I do not like doing any type of public speaking or being the center of attention 
- I can be quiet when I first meet a person until I feel comfortable

You are tagged if you want to play along!


Dave and Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing! Biggest brown noser? How on earth did you get that title? LOL!

Earen said...

Ya, how did you get the biggest brown noser award? They must have been wrong!

Lynn said...

This was a fun meme. How many states have you visited so far?

Wanna help clean my house when you finish yours?

Wife2Jason said...

I want to visit all 50 states too! But first we are trying to get all of Idaho counties first.

Also I saw you running yesterday and you were kicking butt! Way to go!

Joy said...

okay, i just read the vacations chapter in cold tangerines and i almost started crying, too. i then made my husband read it and we had a talk about vacations. we've never taken true family vacations--we live far from family, too (not as far as you do), and so we travel to see family, but it never really feels like vacation to me. i guess maybe because the sense of obligation is really strong within me. anyway, thanks for recommending the book and i am so excited that you are going on a vacation! we're going to try for one this summer.