Landon: Mom, you know who I am talking to all the time
Me: No, who?
Landon: myself i have lots of questions
I was working in the nursery and saw one of Landon's friends:
Me: are you excited for landon's party?
Landon's friend: yes, and i am going to marry him
Me: oh, okay

a little bit later
Me: landon i just saw your friend and she said she is going to marry you
Landon: well, i am going to marry someone else
Me: well, who are you going to marry? 
Landon: i don't know, just someone else
Me: Landon, what do you think Miss B is going to teach you about in Sunday School?
Landon: I don't know, probably about God 
Me: what did you learn about in your Wednesday night class?
Landon: Paul Revere
(well at least he was listening some of the time when we talked about the American Revolution)
Landon is playing with his drums and his guitar
Me: Landon, you need to be quiet Mauryn is taking a nap
Landon: Mom, it isn't me making the noise, it is my guitar. I am only trying to get the picks in it.


Leah in Iowa said...

Cute, cute words! And so innocent, too. I miss those days with my kids!

Earen said...

Don't you just love it! They say the cutest things!!

Sarah Markley said...

I love it. We have many conversations like this in my house...usually the ones in the car are the funniest! So precious.

Lynn said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

oh, i love conversations like that. he sounds too funny!

Dave and Jenni said...

I love the "marriage" conversation - that's hilarious!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

oh my goodness- he cracks us up! So fuuny. I can't wait to have conversations like this with isaiah. I hope he's half as funny as landon!