List Maker

Three kids.

Getting older.

Balancing homeschooling with normal household chores/errands.

Keeping up with life in general.

I don't know if it is one of these things or a combination but I have found that I rely on lists to keep me focused on what needs to get done each day, week, and even for a month.

I love lists (and my planner) and like seeing things getting checked off my list. I stay on top of most daily things around the house but I get overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning baseboards, dusting light fixtures, cleaning the windows and window sills, and wiping down the walls/doors. In my mind I think I have to tackle all the baseboards, light fixtures, windows, walls or doors in one day instead of a room at a time or the main level one day and the upstairs on another day. Some of the bigger tasks just kept getting pushed farther and farther down the to do list.

A few months ago, both Lynn and Lindsey mentioned a site called motivated moms where you could get a preprinted to do list. It would divide tasks into things you do every day and then things to do on each day of the week. This sounded like music to my list loving ears.

I have been using the checklist from almost three months now and I LOVE it! I still add things to my daily list that are specific to our needs that day or week. Also, I have found that I do some daily cleaning more than what is on the daily to do list so I just add the task to my daily chores list. I like the reminders for things such as getting gifts and cards together for the next month or changing the furnace filter. I like how it breaks the tasks that used to overwhelm me into smaller tasks completed over a few weeks.

There are days when we are busy and I can't get to everything on my list. Most things can be moved to another day or even skipped if needed.

Each night I can go to bed with a sense of accomplishment. I can see first hand from the lines through my to do list what I have completed in a day.

If you are a list lover or just looking to be more organized this is the site for you.


Denise said...

i am a list lover, it's sickening how i love them.

Brandy Forras said...

I LOVE lists too! I'll send you a great grocery shopping list if you let me know your email. I'm gunna visit the website you mentioned right now! Thanks for the tip. This may be just the push I need to get motivated. Right now I just feel so overwhelmed by all the things on my TO DO list. Thanks again! ~ Brandy <><

Brandy Forras said...

Hey there, I went to the Motivated Moms website and tried to look at a sample of their list but the link was broken or something. Could you maybe bring a few samples to MOMs on the 24th? Thanks! ~ Brandy <><

Lynn said...

Woo Hoo!!! I was so excited when I saw the picture you posted and thought....that looks an awful lot like my to do list. Glad you like it! I too, don't do EVERYTHING on the list, but it helps me not to forget things for too long and helps me to think of areas I might otherwise miss. I like that things repeat often so if you miss them...no big deal!

Wife2Jason said...

Zzzzzz..... Oops, sorry I fell asleep at the mention of lists!! I think it's no secret that I don't care for them, but I find that as the years tick by they become more necessary. I make lists and lose them. Never fails.

Dave and Jenni said...

I don't know if I'm excited or overwhlemed looking at your list! I love the idea of being more organized, but feel like my lists are always changing. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by it or only positive experiences? It can't hurt to at least go check it out!