Chef in Training

As a little girl, I always wanted an easy bake oven. (everyone had one)  
I never got an easy bake oven.

I remember thinking if I ever had a daughter, she was going to get an easy bake oven.

When Morgan was old enough to want an easy bake oven, I realized why my parents never got me an easy bake oven.  It was the same reason I didn't  get Morgan one. We were in the kitchen doing baking in a real oven all the time.

I am very thankful to my mom for allowing us to be hands on in the kitchen (and with the grandkids).  She would guide us in our cooking and baking and even let us experiment on our own (the first time I made frosting was a disaster!).

I have taken this philosophy with my own kids. I love to cook and bake and spend most of my days in the kitchen. My kids love to help.  They help read recipes, add ingredients, mix with the mixer, and our the best taste testers. 

Morgan has even started her own little collection of cookbooks.  She is always searching for something to make on her own.

The other evening Morgan asked if she could make dinner.  She was adamant that she do it on her own. I gave her the recipe, let her ask questions, and then sat back and watched. 

She did an awesome job! The pizza turned out great and she was thrilled with her success.

Here is a tutorial by Morgan on how to make Bubble Pizza:
cut the biscuits into fourths
cover the biscuits with pizza sauce
add hamburger
mix biscuits, sauce, and hamburger with your hands
put mixture in a jelly roll pan
add pepperoni
before going into the oven
while the pizza was baking, morgan was doing her least favorite part of cooking/baking - cleaning up
adding the cheese
her finished product

Bubble Pizza
4 tubes of buttermilk biscuits
2 cans of pizza sauce
1 lb hamburger, browned
8 oz mozzarella cheese
4 oz cheddar cheese

1. Open the tube of biscuits and separate the biscuits. Cut each biscuit into fourths.
2. Place cut biscuits in a large bowl. Add pizza sauce and hamburger. Mix together with your hands.
3. Spread in a jelly roll pan
4.  Add pepperoni (if you want additional topping you should add them now. i have not made it with other toppings. we like it this way - and i am not much for veggies on my pizza)
5. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes or until biscuits are cooked through.
6. Take pizza out and add cheese.  (I use way more cheese because in my opinion there just is never enough cheese on pizza)
7.  Bake another 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Now I understand bubble pizza! We will have to try this recipe too now! Sounds great...and just so you know we have an Easy Bake Oven - one of which has been used twice I think.

Brandy Forras said...

Mmm...sounds like a great recipe to make with the kids. I can't wait to try it! One question though, is the hamburger already cooked and drained first? Thanks! ~ Brandy <><

Kristen said...

Yes, the hamburger is browned. Thanks for pointing that out!

Stephanie said...

Morgan can come and cook/bake for us anytime she would like!

Cathi Hamen said...

Cami loves to collect recipes too!! i will give this one to her.. and let her try it!! Go Morgan!!

nicole said...

i always wanted an easy bake oven and never got one. my friends all had them too.
i can't wait to try Morgan's recipe.

Lynn said...

Looks yummy! Way to go Morgan!

Janelle said...

Those are life lessons you can't put a price tag on! Great job, mom!! Awesome job, Morgan!

Short Stop said...

What fantastic, wonderful, awesome, creative pictures! Oh, how I love to see kids cooking. It's just such an awesome lesson for them - teaching them to love the kitchen and food and serving others.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! And, it looks so good.

Leah in Iowa said...

I never had an EasyBake oven growing up either. After all the help I get now from my girls in the kitchen, I can't believe Brittany wanted her own. And guess what Suzanne spent her own money on after Christmas this year? An EB oven of her own, so now we have two! Ugh. Guess you just can't beat baking with a light bulb.

Alana said...

YUM!!! I never had an easy bake oven either. And I don't have a daughter! Oh...what to do???

Dave and Jenni said...

Way to go Morgan! How awesome that she took the initiative to want to do this for your family. It really is the little moments, isn't it?! :)