Happy Birthday Landon!

Age: 5

Personality: energetic, loving, empathetic, passionate, full of life, silly, great sense of humor, attentive to details (he doesn't miss much), care taker

Favorite Books: Curious George, Clifford, Hank the Cow Dog, Little Critter, Jesus Storybook Bible

Favorite Songs: anything by the Wiggles, Snazzy CD by Go Fish, Snow CD by Go Fish

Favorite Movies: Air Buddies, The Wiggles, Cars

Favorite Food: caramel rolls, macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks, tilapia, apples, ice cream

Favorite Games: Crazy Ates, Chums, Sequence for Kids, Hide and Seek

Favorite TV Shows: Curious George, Zooboomafoo, Calliou

Favorite Toys: Hot Wheels and Lightning McQueen cars, Basketball, Football, Bike, Scooter, Drum Set

Favorite Activity with Mom: make food

Favorite Activity with Dad: go to work 


My dear sweet boy, can it really be five years since the first time I held you in my arms?  You have brought so much joy and life to our family.  You are on the move from the minute you wake up until you go to bed.  You love life and grab hold of each day to make it the best.  You are always thinking, wondering, and asking questions. You have a love of learning that is so exciting to the teacher in your mama.  Your little heart is full of love that you shower on others.  I can always count on you for some great snuggles every day. I hope that never changes.

I love you buddy!  Have a wonderful fifth birthday.



Short Stop said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Landon!!

He has such an interesting variety of interests. This will be very helpful! ;)

WOW - I can't believe I'll have a 5 year-old this year, either. It does go by so quickly!

joy said...

Happy Birthday to Landon! Five! It's such a big number, huh?

Rachel Slagle said...

happy 5th birthday landon! he and dillon have a ton of stuff in common :)

Alana said...

Happy Birthday to Landon! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

nicole said...

happy birthday buddy.

Sarah Markley said...

happy birthday! how fun. 5 is so special, in my book. =)

Dave and Jenni said...

He seems like such a special son, Kristen. It's so obvious how much you all cherish him!