Doggie's Late Night Snack

I just finished setting up for Mauryn's birthday party tomorrow morning.

I crawled into bed, patting myself on the back for being one step ahead for tomorrow, when I hear a crunching sound coming from downstairs.

I quickly ran downstairs and what do I see.... my dog eating the popcorn balls out of the goodie bags!  Cellophane and all - gone! GRR!

I am sure I will have some lovely surprise from my dog in the morning when his body rejects the five cellophane wrapped popcorn balls.

Maybe prepping the night before isn't worth it.


Lynn said...

Oh no!!! That stinks! Wish we were close enough to come to help celebrate. Mauryn is such a cutie! hope the party goes well (even without the popcorn balls). :o(

Leah in Iowa said...

Hopefully you had enough left to serve your little party guests! It sounds like a big dog to eat five popcorn balls! This would be added to my lobbying list to make it an outside dog. =)

Sarah Markley said...

oh my gosh. soooo sorry! =(

Denise said...

dumb dog!

getting things prep'd before hand is still good, helps with mommy sanity!

dogs do not help with mommy sanity.


i haven't had a popcorn ball in years! how do you make them?

Dave and Jenni said...

So, I bet you'll find some interesting deposits in the backyard over the next couple of days! LOL. Sorry - I'm only laughing because I know the party is over and hopefully you all are laughing about it too!