Happy 2nd Birthday Mauryn!

Age: 2

Personality: loving, spirited, protective, silly, emotional, curious, full of life

Favorite Foods: black olives, grapes, raisins, pirate booty, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese

Favorite Songs: Jesus Loves Me, anything by The Wiggles, anything by Go Fish, all the little songs she sings to herself all.day.long

Favorite Books: all Maisy books, Sandra Boynton books, Mrs. Wishy Washy

Favorite Toys: Bitty Baby and all things to do with her baby doll, play kitchen and tea set

Favorite Activity with Mom: reading books, "helping" in the kitchen, playing tea party, going on walks

Favorite Activity with Dad: playing outside, working in the yard, playing chase and snuggling in the morning

Dear Sweet Mauryn,

It is hard to think back and remember what our family was like before you.  You bring so much energy and life into our home.  You feel all things deeply - happy, sad, or mad- we all know how you are feeling.  We love to listen to you sing your songs and watch you dance your dances.  You make us all giggle daily.  We love to see how you are protective of your older sister and brother. You are so sweet to them if their feelings are hurt.  Your tender heart balances your fiery personality.  We can't wait to see the plans God has for your life.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!

Mommy and Daddy


Shan said...

very sweet :)

Lynn said...

Awww...she's precious!!! I just love that little girl even though we've never (officially) met (yet...). Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Denise said...

what a sweet post for your girl.

baby dolls and tea parties are daily rituals here in the jones house. mauryn would love being our neighbor.

isn't the 3rd one so much fun. my josie has a fiery/sweet personality.
her personality adds LIFE to our home. before her i had it together,now i do not care if i do.
(well, not as much).

btw- your lady bug cake looks awesome!

katie henbest said...

dear Mauryn,
Pirates Booty is one of my favorite foods as well. we really are bff.
Katie Wilson (Henbest)

joy said...

happy birthday little mauryn! love the ladybug birthday party--so cute! so sorry about the popcorn balls. sounds like a great book! phew--i'm all caught up on your blog now.

nicole said...

happy birthday Mauryn. congrats kristen and lance for the amazing daughter that has blessed your life. i can't imagine your lives without that ball of fun

Dave and Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Mauryn! I loved learning more tidbits about her!

Short Stop said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday to your baby girl!