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happy friday!
we are one week into the new year and we are still on christmas break.
it has been a wonderful break
i would have to say this was our best christmas break EVER
it was super productive but we also had plenty of down time
i am not quite ready to hit the routine again on monday.

since we have been on break, i didn't post our pictures for insta joys last friday.  
so this week there are a bunch of pictures.
 i received a sweet surprise in my email one morning from kim
a download of this single from the upcoming hunger games movie {can NOT wait}
this is soo good
get it
then listen to it over and over again
your welcome!

 mauryn's method of decorating her tree
one m&m in her mouth
one on the tree

 this girls had colored hair for a christmas party and christmas
so fun!

 landon and mauryn turning lefse on christmas eve

 skyping with cousins in MN on christmas eve
so thankful for skype

 this is what i get for trying to get a good picture of my kids before church on christmas eve
a bunch of crazies!

 my boy at candlelight service

 this is harley's spot
don't even think about sitting in this chair when he is in the house or you will have a dog in your lap
but he's so cute
so we let him
 i took one day over break and read
the entire day
my family was lucky to get lunch and dinner
it was pretty much perfection:
fire place
a great book 
{divergent. read it. its awesome. i read it in that one day}
thanks to erin and kim for suggesting it.
i am ready to read it again
i loved it that much!

 good morning michael scofield.
lance and i watched the entire prison break series a few years ago
we loved it
i need something filled with action and suspense when i workout
prison break definitely fits the bill
{i'll take any other show suggestions for when i am done}

 landon camped out on our floor the other night
harley was in his spot next to my side of the bed
these two ended up snuggled next to each other
eventually harley moved/kicked too much so landon went to his own bed

 i couldn't find landon the other morning
he was hiding
 in our dryer
can you see him?
crazy kid!

 our friends got a new puppy
they invited us over to meet her
they are probably wishing they didn't invite us
mauryn dragged that puppy everywhere
she treated it like a real baby
she would lay her on her little bed and tuck her in with blankets
it was quite sweet
i think piper, the puppy, was ready to see her new mother go home :o)

 thanksgiving to christmas was a sugary blur
lance and i are starting off the new year on a no junk food challenge
we are basically following this challenge
a fresh start to the new year


 cleaned out the refrigerator
i took every shelf and drawer out and scrubbed that baby down
she is shiny clean
i wonder how long she will stay that way??

 back at it: hitting the track for a run
i've slacked off the last few weeks on my workouts so time to get back in the groove
i am sore
its hard to get motivated some days to do it
i always feel good when i am done
if only i could have that feeling to start

 another christmas break project:
clean out my closet
organize my shelves
feels so good.

 some snuggle time with my little man
i sure love him
 i am doing the #janphotoaday challenge
day 3 was something that you adore
i completely adore my erin condren planner
love it!
it has made life so much better around here
i couldn't do the digital any longer
i need to see everything laid out in front of me
each month
each week
and seeing months in advance
this is a perfection for this planner
 i was in need of some new running shoes
i had a groupon to use up at our local running store
i got a new pair of kicks
they are pretty fancy
my feet like them

 a smoothie every morning
i am not a huge fan of veggies so i throw spinach in my smoothie
i can't taste it
smoothie FTW 
{thanks erin for all the great recipes}

 the weather here has been gorgeous
my hubby is bummed since there is no snow in the mountains
but i am loving afternoons at the park
kids playing outside until dark
taking bike rides
its been great!

someone got ahold of my phone and had a little photo session
she likes taking pictures of herself
good things she is so cute!

how was your week?
is your new year off to a great start?

linking up with jeannett for insta friday

life rearranged


Denise said...

NO COOKIES!?! how will you survive? ad what about sonic?!? girl, are you safe to be around minus your cookies and sonic?

i checked out the janphotosaday sight. like it. going to join in.
i need a bit of inspiration. in a slump. maybe this will help me "show up for life."

Simply Sara said...

kristen! you are amazing.
i just spent (a LOT) of time catching up on your blog posts and wow, wow, WOW!!!
looks like you guys had the most amazing advent season.
i love how you are so present for your kids.
i love every single thing you did and am soooooooo sad i live so far away.
i need a ranch date so i can start counting down the days when i can see you in real life and tell you all these things face to face.

i miss you & love you!!!

oh, and my closet got a huge overhaul too. ahhhhhhh :)
my fridge is next on my hitlist!

Linda Z said...

What is the Hunger Games all about?? I keep hearing about it!