Post Lent Reflections

The closer it came to the end of lent, the harder it was to resist the fountain soda, the chocolate chip cookies, and the draw of facebook.  Although, I realized I could survive without these things, the closer the time came to enjoy these things the temptation became greater.  I was able to persevere. It was a good learning lesson.

I used soda and cookies to reward myself after a particularly hard, long, or busy day.  It was an easy way to treat myself.  

I gained more time during lent by not being on facebook.  I read more books, had time to do a little sewing, and spent more intentional time with my kids playing games and enjoying time reading books.  This is an area where I will definitely will be scaling back.  I did miss keeping up on day to day things with friends and family but it can also be a very time consuming activity.  

My kids spent time during lent staying off the computer and having more time to read, play with friends, explore outside, and enjoy playing games.  We also worked on a daily devotional called Significant Sacrifice.  They loved the daily bible reading, mystery message, and giving activity.  It gave them great practice in working with money.  By the end of lent they had collected $41 to go towards clean water in Africa!

What insight did you gain through the lenten season?


Denise said...

that is wonderful kristen.

i need some f.b. accountability. i've scaled back, quiet a bit, but most of the time i want to rid myself of it all together! so addicting.

Alana said...

FB balance is hard! I think I have a pretty good balance right now. I just struggle with wanting to comment on everyone's posts and that can take so much time. Sounds like you learned a lot during this time!