Morgan's Piano Recital

This past fall Morgan started taking piano lessons and had her first recital on Saturday.

She was so excited, scared, and a bit nervous.

Morgan did a great job on her pieces and enjoyed being part of the recital especially hearing some of the other students perform.

Here is a little clip of Morgan playing her pieces at the recital:


Dave and Jenni said...

Great job Morgan! Oh and that skirt on her is beautiful -- very cute!

Denise said...

way to go morgan!

Short Stop said...
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Short Stop said...

She did a GREAT job! Love her outfit, too. So pretty!

You know, my mom is a concert pianist. I only took lessons for 2 years growing up - I wish I'd stuck with it.

Lynn said...

Great job! I was a little nervous for her....remembering how nervous I would get for my own recitals. I hope she sticks with it...she'll be glad in the future.

Cute outfit!