i made it out of sweats every day this week.
i think that might be a mini miracle.
even though i made it out of sweats, i think i only put contacts in once and i only did my hair about half the time.  
i am making progress :o)

next weeks goal: actually get my camera out to take pictures
i have the kids take my pictures and usually just on my iPhone since its quick and easy
the quality isn't great as you will see in all my pics this week

wednesday: school, hair appt
jeans: maurices
sweater: maurices
long sleeved tshirt: mod bod
shoes: kohl's

wednesday pm: harvest party at church
twister costume: somewhere on line
boots: consignment store in MT

thursday: school, drive car pool, errands
jeans: maurices
sweater/tank: old from maurices
clogs: hannah andersson - hand me downs from morgan

friday: field trip, neighbors party,
jeans: maurices
long sleeved tshirt: old from maurices
white t shirt: old from maurices
vest: target
boots: consignment store in MT

saturday: family pictures
here's a sneak peek landon took on my iPhone
outfit: maurices
shoes: bass - hand me downs from morgan

mauryn - top: gap
jeans: old navy
shoes: kohl's

morgan - top: gap
jeans: justice
boots: justice

sunday: church, errands, nap
pants/tops/jewelry: maurices
boots: hand me down from a mom at morgan's gym

monday: coop day, mauryn to dance, trick or treating
jeans/tanks/shirt/jewelry: maurices
purple vest: eddie bauer

tuesday: school, car pool, making/delivery meal to a family
jeans: maurices
white tank: mod bod
pink tank: old from maurices
black/white shirt: old from maurices

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Anonymous said...

you.are.cute!! and p.s. i love your halloween costume! you look adorable!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE your halloween costume!!! so cute! And, can't wait to see the rest of the family pictures...that red barn is AMAZING!!!

{cuppakim} said...

super cute. and i'm WAY excited about your family portrait session. it looks GORGEOUS already!

Denise said...

i still want that plaid shirt from maurices. remember me when you tire of it!

so impressed that you dressed everyday! and you've been sick! that's a get out of getting dressed free card.

hannah singer said...
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hannah singer said...

LOVE the striped multi sweater.
and your cute clogs.
AND your fabulous costume! wow!