i am linking up with lindsey this week
wiww is a means to hold me accountable for getting out of my usual sweats each day
its easy as a stay at home/homeschooling mama to stay in my comfy clothes all day every day

so i have decided to join lindsey's little link party
it's been a challenge
not the actually putting effort into getting ready every most days 
but its the pictures taking
do NOT like it at all
my kids love it
they draw straws for who gets to take pictures each day since i don't have a full length mirror

this week i've been plagued by a fall cold
there were many days spent in sweats
but hey i got out of my pjs and into sweats... that's progress

the pictures are few and courtesy of my children on my iphone
 thursday: morgan's ortho appt, school, car pool day
outfit: courtesy of maurices

monday: homeschool coop, drive car pool, mauryn dance class
white tank: mod bod
red lace tank: maurices
button down top/belt: maurices
jeans: maurices
boots: consignment store MT {love these boots!}
bracelet: gift
earrings: gift

tuesday: school, projects around the house, playdate, errands
long sleeved tshirt: mod bod
tshirt: aeropostale
jeans: maurices
slippers: kohls, getting worn out, but my favorite around the house footwear

what's your go to around the house footwear - do wear slippers, socks, or go barefoot?

pleated poppy


Denise said...

the second outfit doesn't look good on you at all. i can take it off your hands!

why why why aren't we the same boot size AND neighbors!?!

i needy need need that outfit.

i get out of my jammies everyday and into my sweats too. you know that outfit well. black yoga pants, i fot'd tee, red sweatshirt. it's just so comfy.

i'm going to go get dressed now. you've inspired me.

x_coribeth_x said...

I love Maurice's! At least 75% of my wardrobe came from there. I usually wear socks and slippers because my feet get really cold in the winter.

Danielle {@} sugar blossom boutique said...

those red boots are HOT, i love how you added a red tank under to coordinate. how cute!

Genn said...

Cute outfits Kristen!
you even look super cute in your comfy slippers at home too.

How fun you got to go to the bsu game last weekend! my husband would be SO jealous. we hear that it's so hard to get tickets now unless you have season seats. We're hoping to make it to a game next year!

{cuppakim} said...

super cute kristen! :)

but who says jammies are a bad thing? ;)
(i sure don't!)